ONdemand Marketing provides a wide range of services for clients ranging from the independent home-based business to small and mid-size companies. Our services our detailed out on this page. If you have any questions or are not clear on any service item, either give us a call or post a ticket with our service desk or send an email to [email protected] We'll get your answers.

Now, ONdemand is focused on IDEAs for you and your organization. We do this by gaining an insight into your business, markets, customers, competitors and regulatory conditions. We then develop solutions for your organization that drive traffic for your business, help penetrate key markets, serve your customer base and key constituencies, track your competitors while managing regulatory issues.  We engage with your team, your customers, and your competitors as we target your key markets, educate your customers, all while accessing our work throughout the entire process. Success in marketing is about measuring what you do each step of the way.  The more you measure the more you will know and the better you measure the better decisions you will make which, in turn, will deliver better results. In the end, marketing is all about getting results for you, your customers and your investors.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Insight (Idea(s))
Gaining insight into your business; and, in particular, the markets you are in, your customers, your competitors and any affecting regulatory conditions seems to be what most customers think about when I talk to them about marketing insight or us gaining an "insight" into their business. Marketing insight, however, is more refined than that. Yes, we do all these things. Anyone doing business with you needs to do all these things but marketing insight is more about discovering some unique aspect of the market not yet realized that when uncovered in relation to your business has a demonstrative impact on the bottom line. For example, when Dyson entered the market with their vacuum cleaner, everyone knew and sold on the importance of suction. The classic 'in-home' demonstration was to bring a small section of carpet and an entire collection of particulates that the salesman could then deposit on the rug, use your vacuum cleaner to run over it, and then demonstrate their extra "suction" power to go back over it to recover more. Now Dyson new that was important, yes, in fact, they sold heavily on the fact that their vacuum could outperfrom every other. Interestingly, though, they sold on a rather new and unique "insight" into the market. They also sold, in fact, became known for, vacuums without bags. I rather unique insight into an established market.  From inception, Dyson's approach has been to " interrogate products, find ways to improve them and develop prototypes. We’ll then test prototypes with people under heavy non-disclosure agreements. It’s from there that you can see the excitement and reaction to products. For example, with our new fans people were amazed that they had no blades and wanted to know how they work. If you ran that by a focus group from the start and asked people what they wanted from their fan tomorrow, they wouldn’t say ‘get rid of the blades’. Our approach is about product breakthroughs rather than the approach of just running a focus group and testing a concept." -- Adam Rostom, Group Marketing Director, Dyson

ONdemand's approach to Insight is to explore your business, yes. Research your markets and competitors, of course. We even explore  your internal culture and find the "seeds" of growth within your 'walls.' Beyond that, we help you to gain a deep insight into you products and services so that you can find that unique aspect of the market that has yet been realized that you can leverage given the strengths of your product, the uniqueness of your services, the commitment of your staff or the weaknesses of you competitors. And naturally, if everything about you is not perfect, then we'll help uncover some unique aspect of the market that you can leverage for growth.            
Develop (Idea(s))
 Whether it's developing a company's very first website or the website of a prospect; or, it's the design/build of a prototype product for or testing, ONdemand know's product development. Then again, it could be all the market development work we do to pre-stage the release of a new product or service. Then again, it could be the work we do to build out your lead list or to develop the list you need for cold calling into a particular market segment; or, possibly it's the development of your email marketing or social media campaigns. Quite frankly, ONdemand works from A to Z with its clients ensuring that they can enjoy the best positioning possible for the products or services. Let's explore the products and services categories we develop:
Social Media
Press Releases
Keyword Management
Content Marketing
Link Building
Digital Asset Dev
Engage (Idea(s))
email Marketing
Social Media Engagement
Video Marketing
Banner Engagement
Access (Idea(s))

Effectively managing your market access strategy is critical to the success of your company’s overall business model. We will provide you with the support and strategic guidance to develop an appropriate market access strategy as well as provide the specific tools needed to manage the complex network of partners in your distribution system.

If you are trying to enter a new market, launch a new product, or decide upon which retail strategy to follow, our ACCESS program will provide you with the tools needed to establish and manage new channels of distribution.

If you are looking to coordinate multiple routes to market, motivate channel partners, or use channels of distribution to differentiate your product, then you will gain the tools needed to manage your existing channel structure for increased profitability and competitive advantage.

Specialize (Idea(s))
In a market specialization strategy, you seek to offer a market segment the widest assortment of products and services that you possibly can. Our team will work with your management team to 1) explore the viability of a market specialization strategy versus a product specialization strategy, 2) examine if there is a clear path for you to succeed using one versus the other, and 3) whether either of these approaches  will work or whether you need to take an entirely different approach altogether.

Then, we will introduce you to our extraordinary assortment of automation tools and techniques to find the fastest path to what we call market leverage.
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